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" The Chartreux is a animal which develops slowly over a long period of time.The male, in particular, does not acquire ist full strength until after two to three years. Whithout exception, its jowls do not develop until the same age. The coat does not acquire a wooly character until it is around three or four years old.
In contrast, the beautiful copper eyes of our champions become significantly diluted at three to four years old, much to our regnet.

The course of action in the showing of Chartreux must therefore be skillfully planned. Not too young, for the cat must be suffiffffffciently full and hace a good coat, not too old, to ensure the beautiful eyes. So if one includes the non-showing periods when females have their litter, then one sees that it is not too easy to lead a Chartreux towards the highest level of exposition awards.

The choice of young kittens as a future breeders is equally delicate. It is not until two three months old that the eye color begins to show itself precisely, and subsequently it can still vary significantly. The kittens which most resemble a mature adult with big jowls, mediu ears, have a hight risk of having in their maturity very short noses and very small ears.
It is normal that a young Chartreux appears to have a long nose /provided that it has a straight profile/ and high ears. When it has itsjowls, when its coat starts to grow out, the proportions are then modified and it will then have a excellent Chartreux head. It is thus necessary to pay attention to the choice of a kitten."