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STANDARD OF THE CHARTREUX CAT - english, france, german

BODY: Medium to large, massive, firm, muscular.Chest, large and well-developed. The chartreux, especially the male, must always appear large with respect to its shape.There exists a importand difference between the male and female. She is significantly more petite, less chubby-cheeked.However, the male must be robust and muscular.

LEGS: Medium in proportion to the body, strong, muscular but not too long.

HEAD: Large t the base - chubby cheekds well-developed for the adult male /less apparent for the female/. The chubby cheeks give to the head the form of a trapezoid, large at the base, narrower at the top.The extremity of the muzzle can stand out from the chubby cheeks. Skull well-developed, not bulging, with the space between the ears straight and flat.

NOSE: Large and straight. No break.

EYES: Large, open, not too round, bright. The extremity of the eye is raised slighty upward.
Color: Ranging from yellow to intense copper. Preference for the color at the high end of the range. No trace of green, no washed-out tone.The color must be pure.

FUR: Lustrous, dense, the base slightly wooly and thick. All the tints of blue are permitted going from light gray-blue continuously to gray-blue but the preference will go to light gray-blue.
No very marked difference of tone with the undercoat which must be very thick, that is to say, a double layer of fur resulting in a raised coat. No shading, no brown, no red reflections.No stripes or tipping. The tone must be uniform. White parts of the coat are faults!

TAIL: Medium size in proportion to the body. The end of the tail perhaps a little sender, but round. Color is identical to that of the body.

MUZZLE: Blue-gray

PAWS: Blue -gray

The Chartreux must be significantly different from the Russian Blue and the British Blue. Crosses between the Chartreux and these two breeds are advised against.