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We live in a family house with a garden in Vértestolna (12km far from Tata), Hungary. We have always wished for a large family. Fortunately, this dream has become true and our life has been revolving around the kids as well as our pets.
Our wonderful Dandie dinmont dogs and Chartreux cats provide plenty of joy and success in our lives.

We have been selecting these special dogs and cats with meticulous care and a great sense of responsibility.

I'm the member at the Felis Hungarica /FIFE/, at the DCHA /FIFE/ and at the Chat de Chartreux (Paris) and I get a lot of information and letters about this species. My cats live with our family. On breeding them, it is important that the cats be friendly an charitable. My cattery is under permanent veterinary control.

My cats have FIV, FelV, FcoV and FIP (PCR) negative blood test. PKD negative gene test.

I'm the member the MEOE /FCI/ and at the ÖKFT.

I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed in them. Currently 5 Dandies, 7 Chartreux cats are living in our family. Fuji the Akita is guarding our home.

We have always been keenly attentive to ensuring the harmonic physical and mental development of our cats and dogs. We handle and play with our dogs all the time, therefore they are real family dogs and have a great relationship with the cats - in contrast to the general terrier characteristics.

We regularly attend dog and cat shows. Our dogs and cats have proved their merit all over Europe. All our Dandies have Champion titles. Many among the puppies born to us obtained Interchampion, European Champion and World Champion titles.

My Dandie Kennel was established in the year 1995. From the beginning I have been contact with the most famous breeders from Germany, Austria, England, France, Holland and Finland. I get a lot of help from them (letters, practical advice etc.) about breeding.

We are also very proud of our cats, since Luca, Charlotte, Anis, Cherie, Duchesse, Isabelle, Muumi have Interchampion and Champion titles, respectively.

We are happy and proud for having these wonderful Chartreux cats and Dandie dinmont dogs around.

This was love at first sight - a love that has never stopped to keep growing!

"Ahhoz, hogy reális képünk legyen arról, milyen fontosak vagyunk, szükségünk van egy kutyára, amelyik imád, és egy macskára, amelyik lenéz minket."
Derek Bruce